Umi no Mizu’umi Lake Hamana-Craft Your Own Story
Laka Hamana was opened to the sea over 500 years ago due to natural phenomena. It was that event spawned a unique ecosystem and culture of creativity that persists to this very day…
Rivers rush forth from the mountains and pour in Lake Hamana as its tides ebb and flow with the sea. Life here is peaceful and calm, yet dynamic and full of energy. The mixture of fresh and seawater creating the lake’s brackish conditions have given birth to Umi no Mizu’umi “the lake of sea”-an abundant water resource host to over 800 varieties of marine life-that transforms with each season, showcasing the full magnificence of its natural surroundings.

Life and activity thrive in abundance both within and around the Umi no Mizu’umi, as people have gathered here not only for fishing and farming, but to build industries on everything from textiles to musical instruments to logistics equipment. World-class businesses including Toyota, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and more have gotten their start right here. Lake Hamana connects the sea to the land to the mountains nurturing a culture and ever-changing style of living that welcomes new interactions, new challenges and unique creations
Umi no Mizu’umi Lake Hamana represents this dual existence-at once peaceful and calm, yet dynamic and full of energy-which promotes an intense curiosity, creativity and thirst for worldly adventure. We invite you to embrace the Umi no Mizu’umi spirit and write the next exciting chapter of your life here, at Lake Hamana